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Friendly and efficient

Immensely experienced, PinPoint provides a professional design, artwork and photographic service to clients working in Industrial, Architectural and Business environments. Over the past 27 years we have played an integral part in helping many companies, of all sizes, show their products and services in the best possible light.

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring a fresh, mature approach to all projects, using techniques to give a clean, crisp look to everything we do.

At PinPoint, we all have a strong belief in our abilities and always dedicate the extra time and effort required to make sure the outcome is successful.

Time and again our clients comment on all aspects of our service, from how smooth, clean and contemporary our photography looks, to how supportive and creative we are in providing a truly unique approach to marketing what they have to offer.

Working Together

Skilful and productive

Marketing is successful when it appeals to the senses, and knowledge of how these can be used to strengthen a product or service is intuitive and potentially very useful. The very best results can be achieved when multiple senses work together, including the 6th: common sense. Having a clear and concise understanding of the target market and the product / service we are promoting is paramount to a successful campaign, we therefore take the time and effort to get to understand where, why and for who it is aimed.

Our Services

Responsive and effective

marketing literature

business cards to product guides


bolts to buildings

image retouching

pigs ear to silk purse

corporate identity

cottage to multi nationals

signage & livery

vinyl graphics to your name in lights

display & exhibitions

table top to the big stage

corporate video

short to block buster

printing & finishing

anything to everything

design / styling

widgets to interiors

DESIGN With Integrity

integrity / in'tεgrəti / noun

artistic, professional, etc. integrity approving > someone’s high artistic standards or standards of doing their job, and that person’s determination not to lower those standards.

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    Don't you just love them, one of natures best characters.

  • The best DIY project...

    What a location, this beautiful building, just waiting to be renovated, I'd live there.

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